Well, we asked for it. Thank you to everyone that took time out to answer our survey. We received 245 responses. Some reaffirming comments, some constructive suggestions and NO negative comments.

On the positive side, one hundred percent of the 245 surveyed said they would highly recommend us to others. We are very proud of that.

For the constructive suggestions, we jumped right in! Some are easy fixes – others will take some time to implement. Sometimes when you work IN a business for a long time, you lose that outside perspective. Easy solutions to simple suggestions can make a world of difference, so thank you for your candid remarks. In response, we will be rolling out changes going forward – and letting you know about them through email and social media.

Our first change will be with our Frequent Buyer Card. Effective immediately, instead of one punch per visit, it will be one punch per every $5.00 spent, with any purchase under $5.00 getting 1 punch. So if your bill is $4.50, then it’s 1 punch. If your bill is $10.50, that’s 2 punches. If your bill is $18.90, then 3 punches. There’s no need for new cards – just keep using the cards you have.

Thanks again for all your great input. It only helps us strive to be the very best.