Ready-To-Eat Ice Cream Sundae Bar
20 servings minimum, 3 Flavors Max + 1 Sorbet


  • Single or double scoop serving sizes hand-packed in individual cups
  • Your choice of up to 3 ice cream flavors (see all 13 available flavors below).
  • Your choice of sauces and nuts.
  • Candy toppings (M&Ms, Oreos, sprinkles), whipped cream & cherries.
  • Spoons & napkins.
  • Local delivery charges vary by location.
  • Want to personalize your lids? We can custom-design lids with your message, your logo, or your photo. Inquire for more info.

Ice Cream Menu Options

Choose single scoop or double scoop and let us know if you would like us to include toppings.

Single Scoop

  • $5.90 per single scoop, no toppings
  • $6.80 per single scoop sundae with toppings

Double Scoop

  • $6.80 per double scoop, no toppings
  • $7.70 per double scoop sundae with toppings

13 Scrumptious Flavors Available:

Madagascar Vanilla
Rich Chocolate
Strawberries ‘N Cream
Black Raspberry Chip
Mint Chocolate Chip
Coconut Chip
Praline Pecan
Cookies and Cream
Java Chip
Chocolate Chip
Brownie Batter
Seasonal Sorbet (lactose-free)

Check out all of our Party-In-A-Box ice cream flavors!
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Party-In-A-Box Catering Order Form (20 serving minimum, Max 3 Flavors + a Sorbet)

Fill in your information below and our expert catering staff will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your selections, add any customizations and process payment. Have a few questions first? Call us at 847-392-2277, extension #2 and our expert catering staff will get back to you within 1 business day.

More Ice Cream Catering Options

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