Kevin McDowell

Chicago’s Best Teams Up with Chicago’s – and USA’s – Best!

Capannari Ice Cream is proud to sponsor TEAM USA world-class triathlete Kevin McDowell, in his pursuit of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team. A Chicago native and cancer survivor, Kevin’s perseverance, dedication and drive is an inspiration to all.

Kevin in action
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2018 Highlights
Kevin Named 2017 Elite Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon – read more, click here
2017 Highlights
Kevin captures Bronze in Sarasota – read more, click here
Kevin captures Silver in Spain – read more, click here

Where in the World is Kevin McDowell?

Mar. 3       Abu Dhabi            Grand Prix ITU World Triathlon
Mar. 10      Australia               Mooloolaba ITU Triathlon World Cup
Mar. 28     New Zealand        New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup
Apr. 28      Bermuda               ITU World Triathlon Series
May 12      Japan                    Yokohama ITU World Triathlon
June 10     Great Britain         Leeds ITU World Triathlon
June 17      Belgium                Antwerp ITU Triathlon World Cup
June 30     Poland                  Poznan Super League Triathlon

March 11      Australia                     Mooloolaba Cup
April 2         New Zealand             World Cup
April 8-9     Australia                     ITU World Triathlon Series
April            Phoenix, AZ               Training
May            Victoria, Canada        Training
May 28       Madrid, Spain             ITU Triathlon World Cup
June 4        Cagliari, Italy               ITU Triathlon World Cup
June           Victoria, Canada        Training
July 15        Hamburg, Germany   ITU World Triathlon Series
July 28       Edmonton, Canada    ITU World Triathlon Series
Aug. 12       Yucatan, Mexico         ITU Triathlon World Cup
Aug. 14       Mt. Prospect, IL        CAPANNARI ICE CREAM!
Sept. 23       Huelva, Spain           ITU World Triathlon Series
Oct. 7           Sarasota, FL              ITU Triathlon World Cup

Kevin says …

“Excited to announce my partnership with @capannariicecream! I grew up going to this ice cream store in Mount Prospect, IL and still to this day believe they have the best ice cream around!”

Caps says …

“We are dear friends of Kevin and his whole family. McDowell’s were our neighbors here in Mount Prospect back in the early 90’s. We have watched Kevin grow up to be the athlete he is today – hardworking, dedicated and determined. It’s our goal, and an honor, to support him along the way.”

About Kevin

Ranked the No. 1 junior triathlete in the U.S. in 2010, Kevin hit the biggest hurdle in his life when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011. After an intense chemotherapy course, Kevin returned to his triathlon training with a goal to be on the U.S. Olympic Team. Kevin is currently ranked #23 in the World, most recently capturing the bronze medal at Sarasota’s World Cup in October.

For more on Kevin’s incredible story, click here.

Career Highlights

USA Triathlon National Team Member
2018 Named 2017 Elite Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon
2017 Sarasota ITU World Cup, Bronze Medal
2017 Huelva ITU World Cup, Silver Medal
2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup, Top American, 5th overall
2017 Edmonton ITU World Triathlon, Top American, 17th overall
2017 Madrid World Cup, Top American – 5th overall
2017 Australia ITU World Cup, Top American – 11th overall
2015 Pan American Games, Silver Medalist
2015 Chengdu ITU World Cup, Bronze Medalist
2014 Chengdu ITU World Cup, Silver Medalist
2014 FISU World University Triathlon, First Place Champion
Elite Triathlon Academy Member
2010 Youth Olympic Games, Silver Medalist
2010 Youth Olympic Games Mixed Team Relay, Bronze Medalist
2010 ITU Junior World Championships, Bronze Medalist
2010, 2009 USA Triathlon Junior Elite, Triathlete of the Year