Join us this Friday (Sept. 23rd) as we kick-off our Annual Vanillas From Around the World! Every Friday, for 5 consecutive weeks, Jim will be artfully crafting an all-new, super-luscious vanilla ice cream showcasing a premium, unique, and distinctive vanilla bean from across the globe. Here’s the schedule and some fun facts about our different vanillas:

Friday, September 23rd – Madagascar Royal Bourbon Vanilla
With over 60% of the world’s vanilla coming from Madagascar, this vanilla is considered to be the highest quality pure vanilla available. Its creamy, sweet, smooth, mellow flavor is guaranteed to delight the palates of eve the most discerning vanilla lovers!

Friday, September 30th – Mexican Vanilla
Did you know the vanilla orchid originated in Mexico? This super-premium vanilla captures the essence of the Mexican vanilla bean with its creamy, smooth, yet somewhat sweet & spicy flavor. Superb!

Friday, October 7th – Tahitian Vanilla
More limited in availability and thus far more rare, Tahitian Pure Vanilla is known for its aromatic, fruity, cherry-like flavor, and is particularly symbiotic with fruit-based foods like fruited yogurt and sorbet.

Friday, October 14th – Papua New Guinea Blended Vanilla
While this vanilla bean originally came from Tahiti, Papua New Guinea is now the third largest vanilla-producing region in the world. Vanilla connoisseurs will appreciate the fruity flavor of this vanilla, andin particular, its ever-so-subtle floral notes of cherry.

Friday, October 21st – Indonesian Vanilla
Hailing from the second-largest vanilla-producing region in the world, Indonesian Vanilla is best known for its luscious, woody, phenolic flavor with subtle floral notes. Simply irresistible!

So come on in to 10 S. Pine this Friday to taste and enjoy Capannari’s first Vanilla From Around the World – Madagascar Royal Bourbon Vanilla. We will continue to have each new vanilla in the shop until it sells out.  For store hours, click here.