I absolutely love getting out of the daily routine at Capannari’s to teach.

I just returned from the University of Wisconsin, Madison where I was invited to talk at a 2-day short course for new and “almost in the industry” ice cream shop owners. The class was a mix of people, from some who have been in the industry a few years, to those just dabbling in the prospects of maybe opening a shop. I talked on subjects including the importance of quality service and hiring and training and maintaining quality help. I was able to speak of our own Capannari trials and triumphs and bestow upon these wide-eyed souls how important our “team” is to our success.

I also sat in on a number of topics and learned a thing or two myself. I was really honored to be asked to share my knowledge and lessons learned. I will say, I felt compassion for these “newbies.” I so clearly remember 18 years ago, when I sat on the other side of the desk and was buried in anxiety with all the details of starting a company. It’s so easy and so natural to feel overwhelmed. I kept reiterating that taking it one day at a time allows you to lift the weight of this daunting adventure.

Did you know Jim Capannari has been teaching at UWMadison for the past 10 years?

After my talk, Jim imparted much of his 18 years of wisdom to the students. He then took them out of the classroom and into the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, to produce upwards of 90 gallons of ice cream. Of course I know Jim is a master at his craft, but it was fun to hear first-hand, the top experts in the country speak so highly of him. Jim is considered one of the best in the nation. Proud moments!

I am sure all those that participated are back home by now and ready to take the plunge. Good luck to all students – by educating yourself early in the process, you are already ahead of the game.