So much of 2020 was heart wrenching and tough. The daily reminders of those we lost, those infected, and positivity percentages.  The cataclysmic shift in how we live our lives, is hard to wrap our heads around.

But now, the latest statistic being shared daily is the number of vaccines being administered a day. It gives us hope or a figurative and literal shot in the arm (pun intended).

In the 20 years we have been in business, our model has been to keep it fun and keep it simple. In our flavors, events, and attitude.  We make it our priority to make everyone feel safe and at home.

We want our customer to feel they are part of the journey. We are so lucky for the genuine and sincere support we receive on a daily basis from all of you – whether that is shipping your loved ones a Goldbelly, buying a gift card for later use, or sharing your favorite memories with us from your time sitting on the porch or in the park. This past year has been about survival and now it’s time to rebuild.

As we approach opening day, we welcome you back to Cap’s as part of the family. We can’t wait to see everyone and together rebuild our sense of community.

Jim, Meg, Ken and Katie