construction_helmet-2pgs_Page_1Adjacent to Capannari Ice Cream there will be a flurry of activity for the next couple months. Although we are excited to get new neighbors, there will be some growing pains before they are up and running. So, in response to all this activity, we at Caps have a few suggestions.

  1. Time to dust off that bike or walking shoes. Kill two birds with one stone! Help alleviate the parking issues AND burn off some calories after a Capannari treat. We are offering 10% of your item if you show us your bike helmet.
  2. A warning… NOT park in Mount Prospect Bank parking lot…..they will tow.
  3. DO park in commuter lot after 5
  4. DO park north of Central on Pine St
  5. DO use the Village parking garage 2 blocks to the east of us
  6. Feel free to call you order in…we can have it ready for you to pop in for a grab and go.

As the Village of MP, our surrounding neighbors and Caps work out the right balance, we will continue to keep you informed on how we will adapt to our growing neighborhood.

Click here for a map of the best places to park when visiting Capannari Ice Cream.