Capannari Ice Cream is proud to announce a new partnership with a local superstar. Caps is now an official sponsor of Kevin McDowell – a Team USA Triathlete who has set his sights on the 2020 Olympics. Kevin is an exceptional person first and foremost. The fact that he is also a world-class athlete is the cherry on top of the sundae (pun intended).

The No. 1 ranked junior triathlete in the U.S. in 2010, Kevin’s true grit was tested a year later in 2011, when he was diagnosed with lymphocytic cancer. After an intense chemotherapy course, Kevin mounted a long road back to achieve his current elite, world-class status. As one would expect, there were bumps in the road, but he’s now back stronger than ever with his sights set on making the next U.S. Olympic team.

Capannari Ice Cream will be having fun tracking Kevin thru his 2017 competitive season and beyond. It all starts with our “Where in the World is Kevin McDowell?” web page ( where Caps fans can easily track Kevin’s events across the globe. We’ve also created a super special Caps ice cream flavor with Kevin’s favorite feature ingredients – carrots, cinnamon, and raisins. Feeling creative? Help us name this very special flavor and maybe you’ll win FREE Capannari Ice Cream for 5 weeks! Details and a link to submit your flavor names are on our Kevin McDowell web page link above.

It’s our sincere hope that all of our customers get to know Kevin and support him along with us on his quest to compete on Team USA in the 2020 Olympics.

p.s. – Full Disclosure: How do we know Kevin? We are dear friends of Kevin and his whole family. The McDowell’s were our neighbors here in Mount Prospect back in the early 90’s. We’ve watched Kevin grow up to be the inspirational person and athlete he is today – hardworking, dedicated and determined. It’s our goal to support him fully along the way.