15 Years of Making Ice Cream and Memories …
Ohhhh, the Places You Will Go

I was given this Dr. Suess book 15 years ago when we first opened our doors at Capannari Ice Cream. It was a gesture of confidence, letting me know this journey of starting our own business and making ice cream would take us to places we would never imagine. Well, no truer statement has been made. As we celebrate 15 years, I’ve compiled some numbers..

In the First 15 Years, Capannari Ice Cream has:

  • Employed over 150 outstanding local young adults;
  • Shown over 60 movies at Mooovie Night;
  • Hosted over 50 Concerts-In-The-Park;
  • Hosted over 25 Rock-Paper-Scissor Tournaments;
  • Stuffed over 65,000 eggs with candy for our famous Easter Egg Hunts; and
  • Donated over 85,000 scoops of ice cream to libraries, park districts, schools, charities, block parties …. You name it, we’ve donated to it!

We’ve also served some pretty cool Celebs including: Duff Goldman – Ace of Cakes, Paula Deen, Cat Cora, Giada DiLaurentis, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, WGN’s John Williams, and American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze – to name drop a few 🙂

Back when we started (yes, that photo is Jim and Meg, Ken and myself back at the beginning), I truly thought I would be behind the counter by myself, sporadically serving a speckle of customers that would wander in. FAST FORWARD…..NOT REALITY! We opened our doors on June 30, 2001 to a line of enthusiastic customers whose support continues to grow stronger each and every year. Ohhhh the places we have gone!

On behalf of Jim and Meg, and Ken and myself – THANK YOU to all our customers, vendors, Village of Mount Prospect personnel, Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce (especially Dawn Fletcher Collins) and the Mount Prospect Downtown Merchants Association and all its members for helping us reach this 15-year mark. We are forever grateful.

We are so thankful to everyone for supporting us and taking time out of their day to stop in, enjoy a scoop, and build memories. Hopefully you have felt the same kind of connection to us as we have felt to you and to this community.

Ohhhh the places we will continue to go!