Am I the only one in the Midwest that thinks the winter has flown by?  We were just doing our close out pint sale, right?  Every season, I envision myself closing shop and heading somewhere warm. NEVER happens! As soon as we close, we take a one week break to breathe in and then we are back at it.

A lot of new things happening at Capannari’s! Here is just a taste of the great new things at Caps:

Caps has always been COOL, but now we are really COOL. 

We have installed a new AC system that will take on the 12 condensers we have in the building. Our condensers are great at keeping our ice cream cold, but do serious damage when they pump out so much heat. It was tough on our staff. The new system will now keep the store, our kids, and our ice cream really COOL. We’re COOL with that.

Retail, Catering, Online, and Wholesale are keeping us busy!

We launched a wholesale division and it is off and running. Meg Capannari and Meg Dix have been brought on board to sell our product to colleges and universities.  All you college kids, tell your cafeterias that you would love to see Capannari Ice Cream part of your dessert options!

Our New Online Partner: GOLDBELLY

In December, we partnered with Goldbelly, an online, food-loving company, so we can ship our product all over the US. If you are looking for a unique gift, send some Capannari Ice Cream.  We also have a coupon available for $20 off your order.  Use the code LIKEBUTTA19 for a great discount.

Capannari’s is thinking ahead!  

We are excited to say that we will be in search of a 2nd location for the 2020 season! We are taking our time to figure out the best spot and it’s going to take a year to get it up and going, but we’re already starting to make the changes necessary for everything to run smoothly. We will keep everyone informed on our progress and where we land next.

In anticipation of a second store, we are converting our dip cabinets to 3-gallon bucket use. For 18 years we had black Cambo bins (looked like gelato bins) and we liked them because they set us apart. But with the increase in production for a 2nd store, Jim wouldn’t be able to keep up and so we’re going circular, folks! Have no fear though. It’s still the exact same delicious ice cream, just with a fresh new ensemble.

We are excited to get started with all our exciting additions. Mark your calendar for March 20th at noon.

We will be happy to see you.  Here is to another fun season!