Well, hello there!

Welcome to the Capannari Secret Menu. Here you will find a few delightful treats otherwise unknown to our regular customers. The next time you come into the shop, feel free to dramatically lean in and let us know which one you’d like and we secretly whip it up for you. #CapsSecretMenu

Congrats on being a Capannari super fan!

The Parent Trap Sundae 

Cookies and Cream ice cream with peanut butter topping, whipped cream, and crushed oreos.


Funfetti Milkshake

Cake Batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles blended right in and then topped with whipped cream and more sprinkles!


Mud Sundae

Chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, oreos, whipped cream, and gummy worms.


Strawberry Limonade

A scoop of Strawberries ‘n Cream ice cream and Limoncello Sorbet… to die for.